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In the Dark

7 votes

Dear listeners in the dark,Can you hear me?Can you see me?Can you feel meMoving ever so closelyInto your ears andBalancing softly inYour dreams? Dear listeners in the dark,Do you feel scared?Do you feel loved?Do you feel anythingIn your emptyBlack mindForming blurry imagesBehind drawn eyes? Dear listeners in the dark,Would you like to scream?Would you like to give in?Would you like to wake upTo fi...

The ticket

Fantasy, Children and Humour
7 votes

"Don't go to far Mandy!" a voice called out through the forest as Mandy slowly made her way through the grassy ground where she had dropped her toy. Mandy was a 7 year old girl who was incredibly brave for her age. But her courage got her into so much trouble that her mother was always very worried about her. "Mandy!-" her mother called out again, "be careful!" "...

Blissfully Ignorant

Horror and Humour
7 votes

Journal entry 1: Day 1 Okay-let me start out by saying that writing in a journal is a pretty stupid thing to do and not-to-mention an utter waste of time, and usually those that write in these things are complete prats. There are tons of people that write in them, and it's usually the most famous ones-you know, comedians or strung out 19-yea...

K & B

Romance and Humour
8 votes

Kate and Bree had been best friends since they were twelve years old. Now that they were twenty-two, their friendship hadn't been better. Growing up together created a tight bond between them, which seemed impossible to break; until now.One night, while Bree was out having dinner with her parents, Kate decided to surprise the man she had been dating for two weeks now, by showing up on his doorstep...


Crime, Mystery and Abstract
6 votes

You think when the jury says " We find the defendent guilty" you will feel better. You think you will feel releif that he is locked away. Later, when the judge sentences him the death penalty, you think you will feel happy. You think you will finally be able to sleep through the night or go five minutes without thinking about him and what he has done. But you can't and you don't. Instead, your sto...

The Princess and the Pea

Hans Christian Anderson
9 votes

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted to marry a princess; but she would have to be a real princess. He travelled all over the world to find one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted. There were princesses enough, but it was difficult to find out whether they were real ones. There was always something about them that was not as it should be. So he came home again and was sad, for he wo...

Reflections Of A Mouse

Fable and Abstract
6 votes

My whiskers twitched whilst I watched from the hole in the wall. Carefully hidden beside the pink-coloured set of drawers my small beady eyes twinkled in the wakening sunlight. Yet there was a change that dawn. I'd never beheld Death this closely before. I’d seen what was left in its wake but now I saw it not a metre away from my home. The long black cloak slithered across the floor, filling...

The Next Journey

8 votes

This has been a hard and dry summer. The grass is burnt and all but gone. I awoke today and felt the onset of fall as I moved about the pasture in search of late summer calves. I have just returned to the ranch from a month of traveling and visiting my brothers and friends I had not seen for months and even years. It has now been almost a year since I retired and began this next journey in my life...

Wait For Me

8 votes

   We met by the beach, didn’t we?  It was a beautiful day. If you don’t mind a bit of rain now and then.   Do you remember how gloriously the sun shone between the patches of rain though? It was like an angel smiling at us and I don’t think I’d been that happy in a long time. You let me run and take shelter with you when the rain got to...

The Penance

Crime and Humour
8 votes

 Octavian Ruttle was one of those lively cheerful individuals on whom amiability had set its unmistakable stamp, and, like most of his kind, his soul's peace depended in large measure on the unstinted approval of his fellows. In hunting to death a small tabby cat he had done a thing of which he scarcely approved himself, and he was glad when the gardener had hidden the body in its hastily dug...

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