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Fantasy Stories

The battle outside the eternal prison

Fantasy and Horror
10 votes

Kain teleported himself outside the eternal prison. The eternal prison was somewhere out in the sea, it is actually not a prison, but it is a warp gate to the real eternal prison that lies in the spectral realm. The prison shaped like a fortress, its back to the sea. A storm halo formed above the prison. It laminated the dark barren landscape. Screaming yells are heard every second in the prison. ...

The dream

Fantasy and Romance
9 votes

It was almost morning. The sun's rays shining with shy light. Traders have already begun setting up their stalls. A stray dog was kicked in the ass by the Blue dragon Inn Keeper. The dog barked in mid-air and ran away when the inn keeper chased him. "Stupid dog" said the Inn keeper as he un-mounted the bulls-eye oil lamp that hung above the inn sign.Back upstairs, In a fine cozy room, no...

Crazy night

Fantasy and Horror
8 votes

"What poor soul has the misfortune of interrupting my feeding?" asked Sebastion sniffing. He was on his stance, ready to attack with great acceleration as soon as he spots the source on this misty corner of the town. "The one who shares your thirst, and your curse", said the stranger. Sebastion looked both ways, but he had a gut feeling that there was something in front of him....

The ticket

Fantasy, Children and Humour
7 votes

"Don't go to far Mandy!" a voice called out through the forest as Mandy slowly made her way through the grassy ground where she had dropped her toy. Mandy was a 7 year old girl who was incredibly brave for her age. But her courage got her into so much trouble that her mother was always very worried about her. "Mandy!-" her mother called out again, "be careful!" "...

White as Snow? (open to suggestions)

Fantasy, Horror and Thriller
5 votes

The snow haired boy launched himself at the guards, without a thought of his own safety. Having assumed the danger was past, if there had been any at all, they yelped in surprise. He managed a few jagged swipes at the closest one before others restrained him. Snarling with an animal’s ferocity, he thrashed in their grip. They quickly reached for a length of cord, tying his hands together tig...


Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humour and Abstract
6 votes

In the beginning there was The Smile. And The Smile was as happy and serene as any smile before him would have been, had there been any smile before The Smile. But there had never been another smile before The Smile, there had never been anything at all before The Smile, yet The Smile knew The Smile was supposed to be happy and serene.But The Smile was all alone and though indeed self sufficient, ...


YZ Chin
7 votes

I love it when my friends introduce me to new people, although I never let on. I love the proud and honorable expression they wear when they say "This is Sandy - she's deaf", as if I were evidence of their benevolence. I also love the split-second shocked expression on the new people, the hasty smiles and their best imitations of what they think of as their "normal faces". If t...

In a Time before Time

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fable and Abstract
5 votes

In a time before time, existed a race of beings known as the Titans. They existed as a single being, yet also as many beings, like a drop of water in an infinite sea. Their existence is beyond the boundaries of all perception and reason, not of matter, nor of energy. Dreamers of all that was and all that will be, creators of all that is. Their dreams so fleeting yet so vast they could encompass t...

What would you do? (Choose your own Adventure)

4 votes

Part 1 Your traveling to a distance city (that you’ve never been to before) to find work. As you get close to the city, you hear what sounds like a small fight a little off the path. You venture closer to see what is happening. Three guards are trying to trap one man. The man looks to be a weary traveller like yourself, wearing cheap leather clothes, and also like yourself, has a de...

Chapter 2: The Dreams (Part 2)

5 votes

“Read the one about the two princesses, but use our names. I have always wanted to be a princess,” Aniella wheezes. “Let me find it first.” The older girl stands up from the chair stationed next to the bed and walks over to a pile of books. She fingers each book’s bindings and pauses on one. She lifts the books resting on top of the desired book and picks it up. She ...

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