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Science Fiction Stories


Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humour and Abstract
6 votes

In the beginning there was The Smile. And The Smile was as happy and serene as any smile before him would have been, had there been any smile before The Smile. But there had never been another smile before The Smile, there had never been anything at all before The Smile, yet The Smile knew The Smile was supposed to be happy and serene.But The Smile was all alone and though indeed self sufficient, ...

In a Time before Time

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fable and Abstract
5 votes

In a time before time, existed a race of beings known as the Titans. They existed as a single being, yet also as many beings, like a drop of water in an infinite sea. Their existence is beyond the boundaries of all perception and reason, not of matter, nor of energy. Dreamers of all that was and all that will be, creators of all that is. Their dreams so fleeting yet so vast they could encompass t...

An Ideal Encounter

Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller
4 votes

“Mr. Bennett, I want you to tell me a moment in your life when you had to face unfairness. It will help us understand if there is an underlying event triggering your stress."She said that as if it was easy to pick out just one moment in my life. I had a thousand to choose from: my brother asking my crush out, my coworker getting my promotion, my unemployment for a prank I didn't do. A...

Time travel: A scifi Horror Story

Horror, Science Fiction and Children
2 votes

This is my last journal before I attempt the impossible. To return life to the way it should be and maybe try to fix my own mistakes along the way I’d always had a hard life though some dreamt of having the life I had. The fools could never comprehend what my life was like. Shackled down by time and my own success. I was amazingly succecsful in finanace and had obtained a phd in engineerin...

Nowhere, Everywhere

Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction and Thriller
3 votes

Somewhere/time in Nevada('cause its cool) "What?" The ragtag group stumbled up to the ground, swaying slightly. Suddenly, a flash appeared and an assortment of random weapons, from the strangest baseball bat to the largest oversized sword that looked like it belonged in a TV show, appeared in a flash of brilliant yellow-white light. "The hell is this?" one pa...

The Church

Science Fiction
5 votes

I awoke to the sounds of the birds singing in the apple garden, my eyes opened to the view of a cloudless sky with the bright beautiful sun shining all its glory down upon me. I felt so happy and content until slowly but forcibly my mind had fully awoken and reminded me of the reality. During these summer months I now always slept on the roof, the roof of Saint Luke’s Church, my home, it wa...

The Painting

Science Fiction and Fable
4 votes

Mark walked up a broad and shallow gully following a thin stream which meandered among the scattered rocks and light scrub. It was spring and the Flinders was vibrant with wild flowers, all colours of the rainbow. Despite the colour, everything still had a faded greyness about it. This country is ancient, Mark thought, the mountains are worn down to foothills like an old man’s ...

Clash of Demons Remake:Blood Falls

Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction and Thriller
Alex the second
3 votes

It was a snowy day,a day of the full moon as two men stood next to a waterfall.They stood against each other,on rocks large enough to block the rain that fell endlessly on the two men.Something fell down their cheeks-and it wasnt rain.Sounds of metal against metal clashed and screamed across the sky as the waterfall turned bright red.There was only death in this land.Somewhere in ruthal California...

Sinners burn alive... official story

Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction and Thriller
3 votes

Many people say that when you are going over the edge the strangest things happen. This is not the case entirely. As any girl my age I fretted about beauty, acne, boys, school. My looks were important. I was raven haired, dark eyes, with fair skin as tall or short as any typical girl. There was nothing special about me. That would soon change. It all began halloween night some years ago. We were a...

The Alcorise-Chapter Two-Alex's Diary,Robotized.

Fantasy and Science Fiction
3 votes

HELLO.I AM AUTOWRITER 500.WILL NOW FOLLOW MASTER AND WRITE DOWN THE THINGS HE DOES.Master was taking down yet another group of knights.According to the last pages of the diary,this is one of many.Master is still vaguelly injured.I will tell you the events bettween the stories.Master ran out of bullets two days ago.This is a fairly large problem.But what is more troubling is that nobody is ...

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