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RWAdams's Stories.

Another Brick in the Wall

6 votes

Sweat trickled down Charlie Murphy’s forehead as he dumped the dry mortar mix into the old steel mixing tub.  Countless batches of mortar mix had been created in the ancient blue tank, scarred with dried mortar and dents, and this was just another dirty job.  The dust clung to his face and arms as he reached for the hose hissing at his feet.  He opened the sprayer to a light s...

Eddie's Exit

Horror and Mystery
3 votes

Lying there in that hospital bed, the old man looked pathetic. Eddie stood over him, full of scorn. Not so tough now, are you? Some big friggin’ deal you turned out to be. He could feel his loathing turn to rage, but managed to keep it in check. The old bastard was just lying there with this stupid-assed look on his face. Monitor lights blipped in silent rhythm overhead, while...