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Lauren-jade's Stories.

K & B

Romance and Humour
8 votes

Kate and Bree had been best friends since they were twelve years old. Now that they were twenty-two, their friendship hadn't been better. Growing up together created a tight bond between them, which seemed impossible to break; until now.One night, while Bree was out having dinner with her parents, Kate decided to surprise the man she had been dating for two weeks now, by showing up on his doorstep...


Horror, Mystery and Thriller
6 votes

I held my torch close to my body, trying to light up the ground. I could only see a meter in front of me; everything else was pitch black. But I continued to run as fast as I could, tripping over my own feet every now and then. I didn't have anywhere else to go, let alone could see where I was going. I squinted into the blackness trying to make out the dark shadows as I sprinted past them. They lu...

The Café

10 votes

The breeze from the door ruffled my blonde curly hair, dangling below my shoulders. I looked up with the slightest hope it was him stepping through the door. It wasn't; just another customer approaching me, with a fake end-of-the day smile, wanting their afternoon coffee. Yes, you guessed right. I was a coffee girl working as usual, all day six days a week in a small cafe off Queens St. W...