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Shantesh's Stories.

Seadregor Mageblood

0 votes

Seadregor Mageblood. The name drew puzzled expressions from strangers everywhere he travelled. Yet his face remained impassive never betraying any emotions. The cold calculating stare he perpetually maintained caused even the most inquisitive to swallow any words they might have directed towards him. A cold winter morning found Seadregor walking on the cool sand, the scent of the sea overcoming hi...

Darkness Before Light

Fantasy and Science Fiction
1 vote

A boy with a parrot on his shoulder was walking along the railway tracks. Before he found himself in this strange place he had begun his day as any other waking up to the sound of his parrot squawking in his ear. After completing the usual getting out of bed formalities he set off with the singular objective of reaching the Grand Central Aerostation before 7 a.m. He stepped outside to see the over...


Fantasy and Children
3 votes

It was a strange world she was in. A world imbued with the strangest hues and flora of the strangest design. Yet there was a strange sense of familiarity about it. The tree under which she sat and pondered about this world's intricacies was short and stout. It had the most slender of branches, branches that could almost be passed off as leaves. Set upon these branches were scores of thick pointed ...

Just another day on the road

7 votes

It was too late. He never saw it coming. All he could do now was brace for impact. He loosened his elbows and straightened his back instinctively. All the ensuing chaos around him slipped out of his focus, all thoughts focused on one thing alone; emerging unscathed from the crisis looming before him.And then it happened. At first he heard the sickening thud, followed by a bone jarring jolt that se...